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Film & Television

Unlock the full potential of your creative vision with our security services tailored exclusively for professional photographers, directors, content and digital media creators, and social media influencers. My team and I understand the intrinsic value of your work and the risks you may face executing your craft. Our expert team of security specialists is dedicated to preserving your artistic integrity and intellectual property through innovative solutions. From physical equipment protection to securing staff and talent, we shield your production from unauthorized access, production disruptions, harassment, and attempts of theft. Empowering you to focus solely on your craft, we fortify your team's presence in any location. We also offer overwatch services. Experience the peace of mind that comes from partnering with TMG Secure Pro – where your creativity knows no bounds and your vision remains secure.


"I hired Mr. Grant for security for a film shoot in Tompkins Square Park in NYC. He showed the crew and me respect and kept us all safe. He has his own way of non-violent problem solving which was very reassuring. I'll be hiring him again for future shoots." ~Eduardo

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