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I had the privilege of being Timothy's Manager for eight years. I can confidently say that his job performance in a leadership role was exceptional. Tim consistently demonstrated strong leadership, professionalism, and a dedicated work ethic. His ability to communicate effectively, coupled with his ambition and openness to constructive feedback, set him apart. He is undoubtedly a “leader of men.” I firmly believe that Timothy's soft and (hard skills), along with his aforementioned attributes, would allow him seamlessly transition to any role you hire him to serve. 


Tim Grant is an outstanding security practitioner. He has been a trusted independent contractor I call upon to deal with VIP talent when I am tasked otherwise. I have called on Tim to secure his services for nearly four years, and he has proved himself to be a consummate professional and comprehensively reliable. He allowed me and my clients to function in a safe environment and kept our infrastructure secure as well. 

Tim is tasked with monitoring surveillance equipment, completing security checks, facility inspections, as well as VIP executive protection.  He was integral to my ability to service numerous clients as we operated with cash  and  jewels , and he never failed to keep everything secure.

Another strength of  Tim is his punctuality and reliability. He has never missed an assignment , and he always completed his details with thoroughness and dedication. He is  an excellent security practitioner a hard worker, and a consummate professional , and I recommend him very highly for your security needs.

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